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(5RL+5RT) 50pcs True star tattoo needles & 50pcs TIP TOP tattoo tips for Tattoo machine gun microblading naalden free shipping

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Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Needle Type :1RL 3RL 5RL 7RL 9RL 11RL 13RL

Needles type: Shader


1. It is made of high quality stainless steel, durable enough for your daily using

2. It is a must for a current or future needle

3. Each needle is individually packed in it’s own factory,they are harmless to you health

4. Carefully designed, excellent for use

5. These tattoo needles will give you a satisfied tattoo

6. For optimum safety and quality, you can trust these tattoo needles which have been sterilized

7. Perfect for all sorts of tattoo machines

8. Suitable for professional use or home use

9. It guarantees 100% satisfaction.

10. Professional tattoo needles are harmless,sterilized,stainless steel for liner and shader.

11. Professional standard length loop bars fit all tattoo machines.

12. Needles are ready and easily to Use

13. All the needles were burnished by hand

14. Professional sterilized by gas.

Item Specification

1.the finest material for making the needles: needles are made from the finest quality 316L

surgical stainless steel, the best possible material as 316L being the highest specification stainless

steel in the world! 316L is an implant grade material and is free from any harmful substances. They are

sterilized with EO Gas & all dated with an expiration date of around 3 years. Unlike some of the

cheaper needles, the solder on these does not contain lead of any other harmful materials which may

cause risk to the customer!

2. the craft: with the careful and fine processing, the needles are in exquisite colors ,neatly arranged and the bifurcations are well-distributed, which is very for the effect of the tattoo.

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