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Magnetic Therapy Silicone Insoles Transparent Weight Loss Slimming Insole Massage Foot Care Shoe Pad Wholesale Dropshipping Sole

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Comfortable massage effect
Many massage points effectively massage the feet
Magnetic massage for the feet can promote blood circulation
Reduce muscle pain and pain, relieve stress
Prevent aging, strengthen health and resist ill

Size: Women, length: 26-27cm
Men, length: 28cm
Can be tailored according to the length of the foot

If the magnetic beads on the magnetic insole are dropped, it is normal and can be installed and used without affecting the normal use effect.

1 pairs of magnetic insole

Reflex zone of the foot sole

The sole of the foot is a mirror reflecting the health of the human body. There are numerous nerve reflex zones distributed.
The reflex zones of the foot act on the corresponding internal organs and tissues of the human body through the corresponding nerves and blood vessels.
The physiological state of the foot reflex zone directly reflects the health of the human body.

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