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[Spanish Version] Amazfit Bip GPS Smart Watch Men Women Smartwatch Heart Rate 45 Days Standby IP68

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[Spanish version] Amazfit Bip Smart Watch Bluetooth 4.0 GPS Heart Rate Monitor 45 Days Standby IP68 birthday gift

Key Features

  • 45 days Standby time
  • 32g thinness only
  • GPS + Glonass
  • Heart Rate Monitor

Warm Tips:

1) 45day Standby time (0.5 hour 1 time running/week, 10% screen brightness, 100 message/day), up to 4 month (time, track,sleep only)

2) Please do NOT wear it when swiming, diving or taking a shower.

3) Please make sure you downloaded the latest version “Mifit”.

4) Require smartphone system android 4.4 and above, IOS 8.0 and above.

( If you want to know whether this watch fits for your phone or not, please check your smartphone system version first. )

Full Parameter


Color: Black,Orange, Gray, Green
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Compatibility: Android 4.4, or above and IOS 8.0 or above
Functions Health tracker: Heart rate monitor
Other functions: Call reminder, Info push, GPS+Glonass, Bluetooth music, Weather, Time, Alipay quick payment,Sedentary Alarm
Sensor: PPG heart rate sensor,Triaxial acceleration sensor,Geomagnetic sensor,Pressure sensor
Alert type: Vibration
Connection Bluetooth version: 4.0
Smartphone App: Mifit 3.0
Display Screen type: 1.28 inch, Capacitive reflection touch screen
Screen Material: 2.5D Corning gorilla glass 3 generation + AF coating
Screen Style: Rectangle/Square-shape
Battery Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 190mAh
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Standby time: 45 days(0.5 hour 1 time running/week, 10% screen brightness, 100 message/day),up to 4 month (time, track,sleep only)
GPS+running mode: About 22 hours
Appearance Dial material: 2.5D Corning gorilla glass 3 generation + AF coating
Case material: Polycarbonate
Band width: 22 mm
Product weight: 18g chip, 32g including the strap
Package contents 1 x Huami Amazfit Youth Smart Watch, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x CN User Manual(send English paper guidance we print)


1.28 inch capacitive touch screen

With HD resolution 176 x 176 pixel, uses Corning Gorilla glass material, high quality

Reflective display technology

The dial is always bright without black screen. Uses reflective display technology, the dial brightness will auto adjust according to the environment, gives you better and more clear eye experience.

GPS + Glonass

Can precisely record your daily movement, mileage, altitude, stride frequency, pace and other professional sports data, help you analyze and improve your sports level.

Heart rate monitor

Built-in PPG heart rate sensor, monitor your real-time heart rate in sports, make your exercise more scientific and effective.

Call reminder

When a call or a message is coming, the watch will remind you via vibration, never miss any important call or message.

Information push

Push instant information, such as Facebook, Wechat, WhatsApp, let you real-time receive information.

Long standby

Huami has been able to insert a 190 mAh battery that guarantees up to 45 days of autonomy, with display brightness at 10%, half an hour of physical activity a week and a hundred daily notifications. The battery can reach four months of autonomy by deactivating smart features and leaving sleep monitoring and counting of steps active. If the GPS is activated, however, the autonomy drops drastically but still reaches 22 hours.

Basic usage Guidance

Part A

1). Press the key to turn on the screen.

2). Download application MiFit in your phone.

3). Open the Mi Fit application, switch to Profile and click Add Device, then select Clock and Amazfit Bip, wait for the connection to complete.

4). Done! Now you can view your stats in the application.

Part B

5). There are default 8 menus on the watch (you could delete/add any of them via the app), they’re ‘watch face’, ‘status’, ‘sports’, ‘weather’, ‘alarm’, ‘timer’, ‘compass’ and ‘settings’, you could slide(left-right) to switch between them, touch to enter the sub-menu, left slide(or press key) to parent-menu.
6). If you want to change the watch icon, you can slide to ‘settings’ and enter the first sub-menu, slide up or down to browse available watch icons, and touch to select one as your new watch icon, click the right button to confirm (left button to cancel the change).
7). As you enter some menu or operation, if there’re choices showing up, note that blue one means ‘go on’ current project and yellow one means ‘quit’ current project. Long press key to quit current exercise.
8). Down slide to menu ‘smart do-not-disturb'(touch to switch), up slide to see message pushed from phone app(custom in ‘Mi Fit’)
9). When the watch interface is on activity mode, there are numbers showing heart rate and 5 color columns showing what intensity you exercise during: blue=light, green=weight(loss), yellow=aerobic, purple=anaerobic, red=vo2 max.

FAQ for Amazfit Youth Smart Watch

1. How to unlock watch screen?

a: The watch will auto lock under 10 sec non-operation, you could press the key to unlock it.

2. How to browse app message?
a: 1) The watch will vibrate and automatically display the message on the screen if the application pushes a notification to your smartphone.
2) Up slide watch face to browse historic messages.
you could set them in app Mi Fit>>profile>>Amazfit Bip>>app alerts

3. How to check heart rate?
a: Left slide to first menu with icon ‘home’ of meaning ‘status’, press to start the test, the interface will show you the steps, the heart rate, the distance that will be continuously checked until the screen returns to the dial, or you Do not leave the “status” menu.

4. How to quickly enter the activity mode?
a: Long press the key to start an exercise. You could set it in the last menu ‘settings’>>second row ‘long press’ arrow>>4 kinds of exercises and ‘undefined’. The long press function is invalid when the watch is updating or counting seconds.

5. How to check weather?
a: Weather comes from phone push, so if you need this function, you must set ‘Mi Fit’ permission, save it in the background of the phone and always connecting with the watch. If the weather is invalid, it may a problem with the phone (for example: phone network is disable)

6. Why update AGPS?
a: The position of satellites are changing, so after a certain period the watch gets satellites slower. Therefore, updating the AGPS will shorten the search time.

7. How do I calibrate compass?
a: Raise your hand with the watch and draw a line down ‘8’ (infinity) in the air.

8. Which function requires phone Bluetooth on?
a: 1) Call reminder, push message, sync watch data and unlocking phone screen need Bluetooth on.
2) Steps, heart rate, sports, second count, alarm, sedentary alert could be Bluetooth off

9. Phone can not find the watch?
a: 1) First check if its battery get power, by pressing the key and checking if the watch face lit. if it does not lit, charge it and try again. if it does lit, take the watch most close to phone and try again.
2) If 1) failed, put phone Bluetooth off/on or restart the phone and try again.

10. How do I synchronize data?
a: 1) When you open ‘Mi Fit’, it will automatically synchronize data if Bluetooth is enabled on the phone, you can also manually sync data by up slide on the ‘Mi Fit’ main interface ‘status’.
2) If prompt sync failed, try manually sync, if still failed, stop the app ‘Mi Fit’ and reopen.
3) If still sync failed, put phone Bluetooth off/on once or reboot phone and try again.
Note: when the watch is in activity mode, the app will stop synchronizing data from the watch.

11. What is ‘wearable device unlock phone screen’?
a: Through the 1 to 1 pair of wearable device and phone, in safe distance wearable device as an ID replaces inputting password or drawing pattern, unlocks phone screen, making a progress on phone using convenience without drawing back on its security.
Note: the function only supports phone with MIUI(android 4.4+) and Smart Lock(Android 5.0+). May not support phone with custom firmware.

12. ‘wearable device unlock phone screen’ failed?
a: 1) Put the watch closer to phone and try again

2) Turn phone Bluetooth off/on, wait for the connection and try again.
3) Delete ‘Amazfit Bip watch’ in phone ‘Bluetooth unlock device’ setting and set again in ‘Mi Fit’ app.
If above methods were all failed, restart the phone and try again.
Tips: for security reason, MIUI must be manually unlocked for the first time after the phone is rebooted.

13. How do I set an alarm?
a: 1) The addition of the alarm clock must be set to “Mi Fit” app >> profile >> Amazfit Bip >> alarm clock. The alarm can be turned on / off from the watch.

2) You can set a maximum of 10 alarm clocks

14. Alarm clock and alarm delay mode
a: 1) If snooze mode off, press watch key once to stop alarm when it’s vibrating.
2) If snooze mode on, press watch key once and it will alarm again after 10 minutes, touch yellow block on the front panel to completely turn off the alarm.

15. How long to remind call?
a: Default vibrate 3 seconds after first ring, you could add the delay seconds in app ‘Mi Fit’>>profile>>Amazfit Bip>>incoming call

16. How to end call reminder?
a: Call reminder will go on vibrating until you answer or refuse the call. you could press the key or touch on watch face the yellow block to neglect the call, and touch the red block to refuse the call.

17. Why the reminder is invalid even it’s already set in app?
a: Reminder needs below 3 prerequisites:
1) a stable Bluetooth connection

2) Mi Fit works in the system without restrictions on energy saving
3) Certain activity(not sleeping) if do-not-disturb mode is activated
Please check all conditions beforehand.

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